Lake Trichonida

Trichonida, the largest lake in Etoloakarnania - Greece, has a surface of 97 square km, a perimeter of 51 km and a maximum depth of 58 meters. It probably owes its name to the ancient Aetolian town, Trichoneion. Trichonida has great aesthetic, ecological and fishing value as it hosts a large number of rare or endangered plants and animal species.

There are many towns and villages around the vast lake that looks like a sea. Panaitolio and Kanouri are both rural towns that can be found in the plains. Trichonis Environment Centre is located between these two towns (location Amparia). In the exhibition area of the Centre, you will find a screening room and a laboratory for water quality analysis. In the same area you can also admire the exhibition of the Women's Cooperative of Panaitolio with local products (jams, frumenty etc.). Myrtia is another picturesque area with beautiful taverns by the lake where you can taste the famous lake smelt. In the same village you can also see the church of St. John and the church of Agia Eleousa inside a cave, overlooking the whole area of Myrtia and Trichonida. The villages that are at a higher altitude (for example Petrochori, a few kilometers far from Thermo) offer a breathtaking view of the lake, as well.