Villages of Mountainous Nafpaktia

Mountainous Nafpaktia has recently become one of the most popular destinations. However, it still retains its purity and authenticity and offers a taste of traditional Greek hospitality. Following the provincial roads, you can reach the little villages on the steep slopes of the mountains. Most of them are completely deserted in winter, but full of life in summer as all the locals spend their holidays there. Platanos is probably the liveliest and most crowded village of the area and it even possesses some tourist facilities. It is the perfect starting point for excursions to the surrounding villages and exploration of the mountainous landscape. You can have your coffee in the picturesque square of the village and wander in the narrow streets. You can also visit the villages of Perista, Perko, Homori and Ano Hora, take part in the local festivals and taste the traditional food of the area.

How to get there:

From Nafpaktos follow the road towards Mountainous Nafpaktia. After 10 kilometers, you start going up the mountain and about 40 minutes later you arrive at Platanos village. The route is beautiful and for the biggest part of it you will be driving through dense forests. Alternatively, if you are on the National Road of Antirio-Ioannina, turn towards Thermo just before you reach Agrinio.  After Thermo, follow the signs to Platanos and you will be there 25 minutes later. Finally, if you are at Lamia, you can also reach Platanos by driving through Arachova.