The prefecture of Aitoloakarnania is the westernmost part of Central Greece, and borders to the southeast with Fokida, and northeast with Evritania. It is the largest prefecture in Greece and combines the beauty of sea and mountains. In 2004, the “Rio – Antirio” bridge was completed connecting Aitoloakarnania with Peloponnese. This bridge has made both sides more accessible, and has offered a wonderful new sense of beauty.

The capital city of Aitoloakarnania is Messologi, one of the most historical cities of Greece. However, the biggest city and the economic centre of the prefecture is Agrinion. Messologi is located just 34km from Antirio, where the bridge is situated. The city and the castle are located there, which played an important role in the Greek revolution against  Turks, and resisted attack for many months. Messologi is an important trading city and tourist port, which was built between the opening of two rivers, Evinos and Aheloos. That is the reason why the famous seawater lake is found there today, and which is now a declared national park, and it’s protected under specific laws. Messologi offers visitors the chance for wonderful holidays in a very natural and relaxing setting. Visitors can explore some of the other beautiful areas of the prefecture such as Nafpaktos, Arachova, Karpenisi.